Feathered Serpent Productions

About Us

Feathered Serpent Productions is a creative hothouse founded on the principle that all activities and art which come from the heart are meaningful and sacred and that by sharing them passionately and authentically with the world you can fundamentally change people.

When we show participants how to meditate in ancient sites, or improvise and shoot a movie, or use moonlight to manifest love - all we’re really doing is helping them re-member that everything is Magik and that we are all magicians.


What is a Feathered Serpent?

They are those that brought us here, our Dragon-Angel ancestors who watch over us still; they are the intertwined masculine and feminine serpents that run inside us and under the ground beneath us, the caduceus of our DNA; they meet at the chakras in our body and the stone circles and temple chakras of the earth; they are at the heart of every ancient civilisation and indigenous culture; the birds and the snakes; they are the memory of who we truly are.


About Kai


Kai trained for 12 years at the College of Psychic Studies in London and for 20 years now has led experiential workshops in sacred sites around the world, including the Machrie and Callanesh circles of Scotland, the Avebury complex in Wiltshire, the rainforests of Brazil and in the ancient temples of Egypt. His particular focus has been on exploring how Dragon lines and circles can be used to effect harmonic changes in the human psyche, specifically on bringing the masculine and feminine energies into alignment. From this place the ability to manifest is enormously amplified.


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