Avebury Weekend Intensives


Friday 28th June 6pm - Sunday 30th June 4pm


Friday 19th July 6pm - Sunday 21st July 4pm

Where - Avebury Stone Circle

An intensive weekend workshop to radically change the frequencies of your life.

We will begin on Friday night by going deep into identifying everything we’re ready to get rid of; all that no longer serves us within and without. 

Then on Saturday we will spend the daylight hours doing sacred rituals inside the Avebury complex itself, amongst the stones, trees, longbarrows and mounds of this ancient temple - to conjure and honour the feminine within us; to prepare our heart-minds to seed our deepest soul purpose.

Sunday we wake and buy a powerful crystal from the shop in the centre of the circle that will open especially for us and then venture out into the Heart of the Avebury Womb where we will seed all our hearts desires for the coming year, to manifest the life we truly deserve to live.

*All events will take place within Silbury House, in the epicentre of the circle itself, and outside in the Temple around us.

*Email to discuss pricing and secure one of the limited places.

Beltane Walk on The Heath


Wed May 1st, 6-8pm

I'll be co-leading a walk with my friend Tori, doing rituals to mark the start of summer. Leaving promptly from Hampstead Heath overground. £10 cash on the day. 

Beltane Fire Ritual


Sunday May 5th, 1-4pm

I'll be co-leading the ritual with my friend Tori in her magical home, 30 minutes from London. Children of all ages are welcome as we do fire rituals and summon nature spirits to mark the true beginning of summer. £20 cash on the day/family. Email if interested and I'll send you more details.

Three Paths to the Sacred - Sacred Egypt

August 2019

Where - Home House, London, 7-9pm 


Learn how to connect with the energies of the Ancients to help bring meaning, purpose and power back into your life. We will use guided visualisations and sacred sound to help you unlock your true potential.

Three Paths to the Sacred - Sacred London

September 2019

Where - Home House, London, 7-9pm

Learn how to actively engage with the myriad sacred sites of our city so that you can become more harmonious with its energies and draw on its hidden powers. Guaranteed to make you fall deeper or even back in love with your home.

Three Paths to the Sacred - Sacred You

October 2019

Where - Home House, London 7-9pm

Learn how to consciously drive the magnificent machine of your body using its energetic engines, the chakras. A basic guide to how they work; how to use sound, breath and guided visualisations to power them up and down and how to protect yourself from the vampires who drain your energy.

Egypt - 9 Days


November 2nd - 10th 2019

Where - Egypt

After various requests for a shorter trip, I’ve decided to do a more intensive 9-day retreat this time that will involve missing only 5 days of work. We’ll still do all the major chakra temples of the Nile, with private time in many of the tombs and pyramids.

The itinerary will go live early June and a 50% deposit will need to be paid by early July. It looks like it’ll cost around £1500, but I’m still discussing nitty gritties with our Magikal guide there and limiting the group to 12.

Sacred London


March 27th 2019

Where - British Museum Courtyard 2-4pm

Join me on a trip to the British Museum where I will show you how to use the Sacred objects within it to open your heart and change the frequency of your energy

Email to reserve your place. Limited to 4 people